Monday, August 7, 2017

Rosie O'Donnell Says Women Might Have To Start Their Own Political Party

                Rosie O’Donnell railed against Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Luján’s recent revelation that there will be no “litmus test” for Democratic candidates entering the 2018 midterm elections.  This led Ms. O’Donnell to tweet out a plea urging her female fans to start their own party if the Democratic Party backs candidates who don’t support abortion rights.
                Luján told The Hill: “As we look at candidates across the country, you need to make sure you have candidates that fit the district, that can win in these districts across America.” This statement enraged the already unstable O’Donnell, who then posted this follow-up tweet: “Fight the men who want to take away womens rights IN OUR OWN PARTY? f—k them for even considering it- seriously- #IStandWithPP.” (Sic). Sick.
 O’Donnell also recently shared a link to an online game that allows players to push President Trump off a cliff, making it doubly clear that she is a big fan of casual cruelty as well as murder. It is telling that she claims to be adamantly “pro-choice,” yet is so vehemently- and viciously- against the Democratic Party possibly backing a candidate who might have a more open mind on (at least) that one subject.  
                After her party lost to Trump in the most recent presidential election due to its outright disdain for those in the heartland who hold differing views than their fellow citizens nestled in the wombs of coastal metropolises, one would think Rosie would cheer the rational approach to the mid-term elections that Luján is taking. But, maybe she just hates Latinos. Or men. Or both.
Ironically, if women, long the mainstays of the DFL, were to give birth to “their own party,” they would be essentially repealing the 19th Amendment, as well as condemning the Democratic Party to utter irrelevance for the foreseeable future, in effect aborting both party’s votes.
Even more ironically, hers is the only viable path forward that can save the United States of America, as the more perceptive of you will realize I’ve just stated.
                Go, Rosie, go!
                Permit me, if you will, another observation.
                Starting one’s own party because the one of which you currently are a member may decide to let someone who isn’t strictly pro-the-murder-of-babies-for-one’s-own-convenience run for office is bizarrely, militantly, heinously, intolerant.
                This would be like men starting their own party because the one they are a member of considered backing a candidate who might not be completely comfortable with “pro-choice” men’s assertions that they should be allowed to routinely, brutally, rape women (and receive taxpayer funding to do so!) because no one has the right to “dictate what they do with their own bodies.”  
                It is a shame that O’Donnell’s own parents apparently did not share her extreme views on abortion.

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