Saturday, August 5, 2017

Washington, D.C. To Issue Gender-Neutral Driver's Licenses

WJLA-TV reported that Washington, D.C. recently became the first U.S. jurisdiction to issue gender-neutral driver’s licenses. Residents of the nation’s capital who don’t identify as either a man or a woman now have the option to choose to have an “X” put on their driver’s licenses where the stuffy old “M” for male or “F” for female would have been.
Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser (Dem.) released a statement recently trumpeting the change, saying that the city “has long been a leader in LGBTQ rights and gender issues, and this change is the most recent example of our city’s commitment to inclusivity.”

It’s certainly inclusive of morons.

In truth, it makes sense that the City of Magnificent Intentions should be so welcoming to gender-neutral people. Many in Congress appear to be Republicans, but act like Democrats most days. These non-binary, politically-neutral charlatans are thriving in the festering swamp. And we know that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have no balls.
If the “American Rome” wants to be truly progressive and inclusive, however, it should allow its denizens to put a letter by their birthdate, too. Why marginalize those who feel young one day and old another? Age is not a number. Moreover, “correct” addresses should no longer be necessary, especially in the DMV, of all places. Many residents of the District of Columbia and its surrounding municipalities have two or three…or more…homes. And what of those who think of themselves as Citizens of the World? Must we also unfairly pigeonhole that community? Then there is the driver’s license number itself. Is that all we are, a number? Talk about repressive! If we must have identification, the capital city should be the first to allow its motorists to create their own driver’s license I.D. For instance, it could be: AngenitalLGBTQ69 or DemifluidPatXOXO. How awesome would that be?

But, on a darker note, Rome fell because of invasion by external tribes, corruption in its own government that led to political instability and a loss of faith in leadership, and because it got soft and lost in frivolity. Sound familiar?
The American Rome is rapidly leading its citizens into the same abyss, for the same reasons.   

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