Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Humans Surrendering Willingly

                People in Western societies are voluntarily giving up their distinctive and once-cherished freedom- and independence- that countless millions have died to attain, preserve, and defend for hundreds of years. We are blindly forfeiting our cultural inheritance, eschewing our good fortune, abandoning our Judeo-Christian values, surrendering our autonomy, and relinquishing our very humanity.
                Surely this is an exaggeration, you say. This must be a bit of hyperbole brought on by a bout of hysteria. Sadly, it is not.
                As we talk about robots taking our jobs, we speculate on the “singularity,” that moment when artificial intelligence surpasses our own. To say that there is no consensus amongst experts as to what will happen from that time forward is an understatement. Some believe it will be a good thing, some a disaster. More than a few believe we may end up as useless, outmoded slaves of these AI robots.
                Yet, apparently, many of us will soon want to marry them. The incredibly quick advancement in stunningly real looking, feeling and sounding “sex-bots,” that may be programmable, and can talk, flirt and perform a panoply of other bodily functions, combined with equally rapidly changing social mores, has many experts convinced that robot-human marriage will be commonplace by 2050. As if our birth rate in the West wasn’t low enough already, with gay-marriage legalized, contraceptives paid for by others (birth control oddly enough considered a birth-right), the ubiquitousness of masturbation and pornography, and the emerging refusal to recognize any difference between the sexes.
                For many in western nations, driving has been considered a necessity, a privilege, a sport and a way to leave your troubles behind while taking control of an exquisite machine. In the United States, it has been nothing less than the physical manifestation of our freedoms. Hitting the open road, man putting machine through its paces, and traversing the vast expanses and varying terrains of the fruited plain have been rights-of-passage from generation to generation. The staggering number of “roadside attractions’ and “drive-through/drive-in” restaurants are a testament to this reality. But now we are about to cede control of our travel to driverless and “autonomous” vehicles. “How wonderful!” roar the experts, “now we can get rid of many parking ramps, lots, garages, and the like, and make more room for pedestrians, bikers and nature lovers. And no one will actually need to own a car. There will be fleets on demand and it will be a much more efficient way to move people around!”
                Urban planners envision a day when everyone is housed, like urban sheep, in high-density developments in the city proper, and the “sprawling” suburbs of individual homes, three-car garages, and fenced in yards are no more. You won’t need to own a car, you’ll just call for one when you need it. Get it? More control for the planners, less control for us. Autonomous cars, dependent people. (There is no way I am giving up my ability to drive my own vehicle to wherever the hell I damn well please, whenever the hell I damn well please, without one hell of a fight. Just sayin’).
                For now our cars are going to be spying on us every second we are driving them, watching to see if we accelerate or brake too quickly, go over the speed limit, are on the phone, have beer on our breath, are listening to talk radio or are wearing clothes that clash. But every device spies on us now, from our computers and televisions, to our smartphones and vehicles. Even some of our mattresses have started recording our bedroom activities. (See my post, “Spanish Mattress To Act As Private Eye; 4/28/2016). We enjoy less freedom, privacy and dignity every day.
                Our leaders want to make us accountable to a one-world government. It is inevitable, they say. But a one-world government means a one-world bureaucracy. It necessarily means less freedom, choice and even “diversity” for its citizens. There is an existential reason for republicanism. It affords the governed the most freedom. It is “pro-choice” government by, of and for, the people. If one state/nation enacts a 90% tax rate or legalizes the killing of Jews, for example, I can move to another state/nation. One-world government?! What could go wrong?
                Moreover, Christianity is dying off in Europe and America, with its Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of a free, vibrant, prosperous society based on natural rights and the rule of law. The massive influx of Muslims into these nations is combining with their low native birthrates and declining observance of Christianity to raise the possibility that Sharia Law may someday replace their constitutions as the laws of their lands, eviscerating freedoms and returning them to the dark ages.
                As if all of this weren’t enough, there are fewer and fewer workers laboring to pay for the ever increasing number of folks who can’t- or choose not to- work. Euphemistically branded “entitlement” spending is causing both those who are forced to give up their income- and those who receive income from those others- to surrender their freedom. When government arbitrarily seizes whatever percentage of the fruits of some of its citizen’s labor that it wants to, and tosses it at other citizens feet, it removes the incentive for both groups to be gainfully employed, and essentially relegates the latter group- and its descendants- to the level of livestock. Make no mistake, this is utterly unsustainable. Period.
                All of these things are eminently, easily fixable. But we won’t fix them. Because we have become too soft, too deluded, too compliant, too corrupt, and too cowed by political correctness to save ourselves. And too tolerant of those staggeringly intolerant leftists proclaiming that those who don’t believe tolerance is the highest virtue cannot be tolerated.
                We in the West are embarked on the largest mass-suicide and voluntary, eventual self-extinction in world history.
                Please share this with your friends and families, and anyone else who is receptive to saving Western culture…and humanity.


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