Thursday, March 9, 2017

Democratic Demagoguery And The Party Of Racism

                Democratic demagoguery knows no bounds, particularly when it comes to race. They see everything in terms of the color of a group’s skin, and, pandering pathetically, incessantly brand Republicans as racists. It is a “testament” to Big Education and the Mainstream Media that this fraud is able to be perpetrated.
                The simple fact of the matter is that the Republican Party was opposed to slavery from the party’s inception, whereas the Democratic Party clung lovingly to that heinous institution the way it clings lovingly to the heinous institution of abortion today. It was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who freed the slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation. It was the Democratic Party that fought against African-American civil rights, integration, etc., for many decades after the Civil War ended, through Reconstruction and into the modern era.
                In fact, they still are almost unanimously committed to making sure blacks don’t reach their potential, but rather continue to serve the Democratic Party. A shocking claim to many of you, I’m sure, but it is none-the-less true. How can I honestly make that claim? And how, then, are Democrats able to get away with proclaiming that they have black peoples best interests at heart while Republicans  don’t care about minorities at all, and in fact may want to exterminate them?
                Here is the answer to those questions: Republicans in general haven’t changed their core beliefs in two key regards, at least. They’ve always believed in natural rights granted by one’s Creator, and have never believed it is moral to “own” a fellow human being. But they’ve also always believed that everyone deserves an equal opportunity, but not an equal outcome, which is not possible even with the largest of oppressive governments, anyway. They’ve believed in freedom, and the hard work and responsibility that that freedom necessarily entails.
                By contrast, once the Democrats cherished institution of slavery was no more and integration was imposed, they felt some of their power slipping away. Once blacks were allowed to vote, Democrats had to pivot. They decided that, in order to be a majority party going forward, they would have to come up with a way to win the black vote. The easiest way to do so was to use the hundreds of years African-Americans had spent in slavery and subservience against them. They eventually crafted a message using and preying on the fact that blacks hadn’t been on their own, hadn’t been in full charge of their own lives, and had been told what to do for such a long period of time. They told blacks that the deck was stacked against them, that they couldn’t succeed even if they tried. It would be too hard. Why? Because those evil Republicans expected them to work hard for their livelihood, and would refuse to shower them with free stuff (and empty promises), the way they would.
                In a brilliantly executed and equally twisted maneuver, they have kept many black people in poverty and figurative chains, while getting them to vote for their continued slavery (in this one respect, Democrats haven’t changed), keeping the Democrats in power for long stretches of time. And Democrats did all this, in large part, by accusing Republicans of doing/being what they themselves actually do/are. Mind-boggling in all respects!

                They’ve hijacked an entire race.

                And appear to be damn proud of it.


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