Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump Admits He Doesn't Like Girls

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That’s fit to print                                     Tuesday, March 28, 2017
          Trump Admits He Doesn’t Like Girls

                        Washington, D.C.—The most misogynistic president in U.S. history continued to solidify that dreadful status today, tweeting out: “I really don’t like ‘Girls.’ Horrible show. Stupid. Lena Dunham a crazy cow. Disgusting.” Trump only helped to confirm what many have long suspected. He has accrued his well-deserved reputation as a crass abuser of women over the course of decades, though this is the first time he has publicly stated: “I really don’t like Girls.” Women’s groups were predictably- and understandably- appalled at the president’s callous and hateful remarks. The League of Women Voters called for Trump’s resignation, NOW called for his impeachment, and a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman said Trump should be publicly castrated. NBC and MSNBC promptly offered to carry the potential POTUS castration live and commercial-free, and have already set aside air-time for the show, under the title: “The Unmanning of the President.” 

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