Sunday, March 12, 2017

Vegan Woman Attacks Chicken Truck

                Conservatives know that they have to watch what they say or be subject to attempted ridicule, verbal abuse, job termination, and even physical assault. Now, apparently, anyone not fully and ostentatiously in the “progressive” camp must worry about those things, as well…and what they drive.
                A Georgia woman was arrested recently after deliberately ramming her vehicle into a chicken truck- twice- and then fleeing the scene of the (non)accident. The driver of the truck called 911 as the car sped away. Madison County deputies found one of the car’s license plates in debris left in the vicinity of the collisions, and eventually tracked the 26-year-old perpetrator and her automobile to a home in Comer, Georgia. Under questioning, she admitted to being involved in the incident, saying she hit the truck because she is a vegan.
                Progressive whacko’s tolerance and inclusivity knows no bounds! “Say, I think that truck is hauling chickens. I don’t believe in eating meat. Have at you, then!!” They’ll tear up Trump signs, vandalize buildings, and trash sensitive environmental areas while ostensibly trying to protect them- and now we have to worry that if our vehicle sports a cargo or message they don’t condone they’ll go all kamikaze on it, too?!
                I like meat, but I don’t target produce trucks. Come to think of it, I didn’t tear down or steal any “Hillary 2016” signs either, or vandalize anything when it seemed certain Clinton was going to win. I must be behind the times, a sad throwback to a repressed yesteryear! I wish I could be more progressive.

                Maybe I’m just chicken, but I have no intention of engaging in fowl play to make my point.

                Unless I just did.

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