Sunday, March 5, 2017

Democrat's Disturbing Demeanor

                 In President Trump’s address to congress and the American people last Tuesday evening, and in Town Halls all across the fruited plain, Democrats are now willingly revealing themselves to be something truly repulsive and ugly. Many Democrats stayed seated when President Trump entered the chamber prior to delivering his speech, and virtually none of them attempted to shake his hand, both of these in contrast to long-standing tradition and protocol for both parties.
                To my surprise, Trump smoothly- presidentially- delivered an impassioned, uplifting speech, calling for unity and bipartisanship. One of the evening’s most memorable moments was when he honored Carryn Owens- the wife of Ryan Owens, a navy seal who was killed in action against ISIS just weeks ago- and, of course, her brave husband and his actions. He, and nearly everyone in both parties, stood up and enthusiastically applauded her husband’s sacrifice- and her own- in a nearly three-minute-long standing ovation. A few Democratic luminaries, however, such as Keith Ellison (who was nearly elevated to the head of the Democratic National Committee recently), Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Debra Wasserman-Schultz, appeared less than deeply moved- and possibly somewhat bored- and, though they originally joined in the tribute, clapping listlessly, sat down well before most others in the chamber. Later that same evening, Dan Grilo, a former Clinton aide/volunteer, mocked the widow Owens for “clapping like an idiot,” and letting herself be “used” by Trump.
                In a recent Town Hall meeting in Louisiana, Democrat plants- and possibly some actual locals- shouted down a minister who was attempting to deliver an opening prayer, turned their backs on a military veteran, and lustily booed when the minister mentioned Jesus.
                 Democratic bigwigs and operatives aren’t simply na├»ve and dumb. Conservative pundits believe that Democratic strategists are acting like this because they are scared and desperate. This is- sadly- not the case. They would never sanction- or participate in- these actions if they didn’t truly believe that this is what arouses their party’s base, and that this base will rapidly grow ever larger in number over the coming years, leading them back to power. And, unless current trends change, they are right. Period. Establishment Republicans would never engage in behavior like this, but are all too quick to step aside and let aggressive progressives have their way.
                The Democratic Party is careening ever more to the left. They are now the party of those that literally hate their own country, its Founding Fathers, Western civilization, and disdain Christianity, God, and Jesus. Additionally, they have contempt for those in the military- and the military itself- as well as those who are pro-life.
                That they so easily shun any pretense of decency, logic, reason, or morality in pandering to their base is sad, scary, and sickening.
                No truly knowledgeable, informed, sane, moral person could vote for the likes of Ellison, Pelosi, Sanders, or Wasserman-Schultz. Yet there they stand...or sit.

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