Monday, March 6, 2017

Democrats Demand Sessions Resign

                Otiosity, thy name is Democrat! If truth in advertising laws were properly enforced, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, or DFL as it’s currently called, would be forced to change its nom de guerre to the Democratic-Academic-Media party, or DAM.
                Sadly, we now know, however, that these laws aren’t consistently enforced. For example, the New York Times has new ads out boldly touting itself as “the truth.” I’m sure they will soon add, “the light and the way” to that slogan. Talk about inaccuracy in media! What’s next, CNN claiming its acronym stands for “Conservative News Network?” MSNBC stating: “the bias stops here!?”
                In these surreal times, can an ad pitching the Washington Post as,  “trustworthy, virtuous, artless, hallowed, transcendent…divine,” be long in appearing?
                Come on. It would be more transparent and truthful if these outlets adopted a motto along the lines of: “Don’t question us…if you’d like to see your uncle Fred again!”
                These progressives are certainly entertaining. They accuse Republicans who are honoring military sacrifice- something they wouldn’t do- of “using” the veterans and their families, yet these self-same leftists believe that the people they use…should feel honored!
                And, suddenly, with Trump’s election, Democrats aver that it is a crime against nature for an American official to talk to- or be seen in the relative vicinity of- a representative of the Russian government. That’s odd. It wasn’t all that long ago that their entire foreign policy platform was: 1) If we can just talk to those with whom we disagree, everything will be alright and we could avoid these tragic wars the Republican hawks are wont to lead us into, and 2) Better red than dead.
                Ironically enough, though Democrats have called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign because he twice met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak when he was a senator and didn’t relay that fact to Congress during his confirmation hearing, it turns out that a number of Democratic senators have recently met with the very same ambassador and that Mr. Kislyak visited the Obama White House at least 22 times between 2009 and 2016.

                Better red-faced than dead.

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