Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Father Knows Best?


                “Dear Joan, I would be remiss if I didn’t write you a note thanking you for the wonderful Father’s Day gift and card. And thanks for the 2-year subscription to GQ magazine! I love it! You know, it’s funny, it seems like it wasn’t very long ago that you were just a twinkle in your mother’s eye. After she got me pregnant, I had a little morning sickness and I sure gained some weight, but it was so worth it! It seems like only yesterday that we brought our beautiful baby boy home from the hospital. And now you’re 15! And a girl! Your mother and I are so proud of you! You know, it’s true, you can be anything you want to be, as long as you’re you.
                “Some families have a really hard time dealing with just one member transitioning to a different sex, let alone having everyone in the family transition, and in such a short period of time. Yet, I think it’s brought us closer together, don’t you Johnny Joannie? When your mother first told me that she wanted to transition, back when she was your father and I was your mother, I was actually a little apprehensive. Yet, when she suggested that I, too, switch sexes, I realized that this could be so cool! Talk about your role reversal! I thought, ‘I can be on top and he can do the damn dishes!’ LOL. It really spiced up our love life, too, let me tell you! But anyway, when you came to us and told us that you were tired of being a boy, our hearts just swelled. And then, the very next day, your brother, who was then your sister, just completed the deal when he said he’d like to be a boy. You know what they say, ‘like father, like son!’
                “Your mother and I also approve of your- and your brother’s- choice of significant others. How did you both find such amazing gender-questioning, two-spirited creatures? They are so loving and fun! We are so blessed by diversity!
                “In closing, let me say thanks again, dear, for the touching card and gift.

                “Love, daddy.”

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