Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terrorist? No! Woman? Yes!

                The terrorist who shot up a gay bar in Orlando recently had been investigated by the FBI on two separate occasions. In 2013, he was investigated after telling some of his co-workers that he had ties to terrorists. Then, in 2014, suspicions surfaced that he may have had connections to the suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha. He has previously referenced the Tsarnaev brothers.
                Authorities let him go- both times- because they were “unable to verify” these connections. The latest reports state that he essentially told more than one acquaintance that he was a terrorist.
                Yet, we didn’t want to stereotype or profile, so we refused to take him seriously.

                Reflect for a moment where we are: we refuse to accept that a person who calls himself a terrorist…is a terrorist, but we are compelled and coerced to believe that a man who calls himself a woman…is a woman.


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