Wednesday, June 1, 2016

President Obama, The Transdivine

                 It’s 2016. Boundaries are being eliminated, the collected wisdom of the ages is being thrown out, tradition is scorned, reality is seen as unreal, truth is mocked as a lie, and physical facts of gender and sexual distinction are considered meaningless.
                We have been witness to many “firsts” of late. The first U.S. president that actually despises his own country. The first call for birth-control to be paid for by other people. The first time men who claim to be women are welcome in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms- and vice-versa. This is certainly a period of rapid transition. Transcendency, transformation and transgenders are the order of the day. We have even seen the rise of the transspecied.
                There is, incredibly, an even more remarkable first that has occurred in recent years: president Obama has clearly staked his claim to be the first transdivinity head of state- or human being, for that matter- ever to trod the earth. Whether overriding the law, ignoring Constitutional limits, issuing executive decrees, ruling by fiat, or making laws up out of thin air, he declares that he’s doing it all in our best interests. He actually told us that he will stop the rising of the seas. He believes he has the knowledge and the power to stop the climate from changing. He clearly believes his morality is peerless. He actually seems to think that he is the way, the light and the truth.
                In short, he clearly self-identifies as God, and, as we all now know, you really are whatever you identify as.


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