Saturday, June 4, 2016

Restroom Riddles

                 If a gay man makes sexual advances towards a transgender “woman” in a public restroom is it harassment?  What if “she” likes it? Is anybody in the wrong? What kind of consensual sex would this be? What if the gay man was also “identifying” as a woman that day and they were both in the ladies room? Should they be considered gays or lesbians? And what if a transgender “woman” hits on a “cisgender” lady in the women’s room? Or a transgender “man” films a “cisgender” male in the men’s room?  You can’t really claim Breech-of-Privacy in a public bathroom. Would these be considered forms of assault? Going to the bathroom never used to be so confusing.

                One thing is certain, though: sanity- and the language- are under assault.

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