Tuesday, June 28, 2016

European Union Plan Calls For Robots To Be Considered "Electronic Persons"

                Under a radical new European Union plan, robots may be granted the right to “own” possessions. These machines may also be “freed” from their human masters as many EU officials want them declared “electronic persons.” Officials apparently believe their plan could dissuade robots from some day challenging humanity for control of the Earth. These bureaucrats are so afraid of potential “robot rights” wrath that they are already caving in to the possible future demands of non-humans!
                And you wonder why the Brits left the EU? In the topsy-turvy world to come, the robots may well end up owning us.
                Under this “plan,” robots could claim copyright on their work and trade money, essentially affording them the ability to form functioning societies. Officials are so concerned that robots will take jobs away from citizens that member states are being pressed to grant all citizens a universal basic income (UBI) to aid those whose livelihoods might be taken from them by artificial intelligence.
                According to the Mirror.co.uk, the draft motion called on the European Commission to consider “that at least the most sophisticated autonomous robots could be established as having the status of electronic persons with specific rights and obligations.”
                That’s interesting. We may call advanced machinery “persons”…with inherent rights…but not grant that stature- or those rights- to human “fetuses.” You can be sure these robots will perform human abortions in the not too distant future.
                Perhaps we should grant these robots a guaranteed universal income so that they may become lazy and apathetic…and therefore less of a threat to take so many jobs away from humans. And, really, isn’t that the humane thing to do, in any case?
                Is it only a matter of time until the robots blessed with the greatest artificial intelligence demand access to any and all bathrooms, regardless of gender designation? Or will they create separate bathrooms, accessible only to machines with the highest I.Q.?


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