Sunday, June 5, 2016


                 So we welcome the 55-year-old man in a dress into the same bathroom my young daughter uses and we call it “tolerance,”  and “inclusiveness,” and “compassion,” but if I speak out against this I am  branded an intolerant, bigoted, freak who should be shunned and silenced?
                We are supposed to tolerate- and indeed celebrate- men who “identify” as women and want to use their bathrooms, but we denigrate those men who let it show they are attracted to women via a “Hey, baby” or a “Looking good!” or a catcall? Only a modern-day liberal could call the latter harassment and not the former.

                This must be some kind of alternate universe, a sick, bizarro-land of anti-reason that celebrates socially-destructive behavior and an entitled, narcissistic society unable to tell male from female- or wrong from right.

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