Thursday, June 23, 2016

Abortion And The Vagina Monologues

                 As reported in the National Review: this past April, a University of North Georgia student group dedicated to promoting “secular tolerance and skeptical thought” held a pro-abortion event. One table at this event was dedicated to cookies shaped like babies. Some of the baby-cookies had their heads or limbs torn off and were “displayed” around sheets of paper on which students were invited to complete the sentence: “Abortion should remain legal because…”
                You can imagine the answers. One student wrote, “A woman controls her own body.” (And, apparently, the body and future of her innocent “fetus,” including the right to murder “it.”). Another wrote, “My vagina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out.” That comment perfectly illustrates the self-absorption, the over-stuffed egos and the entitled attitudes that many left-leaning Millennials possess.
                If not for giving birth, why do you have a vagina, Darwin Gal?
                Many of her ilk are so fragile they claim to be emotionally scarred if they encounter views with which they disagree, and consequently demand “safe-zones” to protect them from these “micro-aggressions,” yet are stunningly callous and crass regarding the taking of a baby’s life.

                It’s a shame your mother didn’t have a higher opinion of her vagina, isn’t it, Darwin Gal?


  1. It all comes down to values or lack of same, does it not?
    Some years ago a popular satirical publication, 'The Onion'observed that an inordinate percentage of babies' first words were "me".WELL, let's have fun and experience life and joy while keeping the haunting regrets to a minimum. Amen.