Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gays, Guns and Islam

                So, it turns out a gay, Muslim man with a gun was responsible for the heinous attack in Orlando? The lesson that liberals want us to learn from this is that nearly all homosexuals are great people, almost all Muslim’s are peaceful, but all guns are bad and should be banned.

                Gay pride! Islam is the religion of peace! Ban all firearms!
                In our haste to dismiss the concept (and presence) of evil, we hold the guilty blameless. Therefore we must ascribe blame to someone- or something- else. If we are going to stereotype and profile guns, we better start taking a cold, hard look at all other potentially dangerous inanimate objects. Knives should be impounded, baseball bats banned, crossbows outlawed, etc. etc. And let’s not even start talking about automobiles! An average of about 33,000 Americans are killed each year on the nation’s roads and highways, over 90 a day.
                The majority in this country (the decent, tolerant everyday working folk) has acquiesced to the demands of powerful special-interest groups and aggressive lobbying by certain minorities. The result is that logic, reason, sanity and honesty have essentially been banned as “politically incorrect.”

                Truth-be-told, the truth cannot be told in America anymore.

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