Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit! Britain Votes To Leave EU


                Like son, like father? Roughly 240 years ago, the United States took the extraordinary and courageous step to break free from a powerful but overbearing government from across the Atlantic. The former colony was being taxed and henpecked by an unelected bureaucracy (George III and crew) without meaningful representation. Sound familiar?

                How ironic that Britain herself took a similar step yesterday.

                Pundits, media figures, bankers… and wankers- i.e. the “elite”- are predictably up-in-arms about the vote. “How could the little people vote for this?” is the question of the day. “How could they not?” would be a better query. As the National Review has pointed out, the European Union is virtually the only region of the world to be consistently experiencing zero economic growth. And we all know how effective Brussels has been in protecting Europe from terror attacks.
                Economic “malaise” (thank you, Jimmy Carter) including stagnant growth and high unemployment, a tidal-wave of unwanted and unchecked immigration, the subsequent rise in Islamic terror attacks and the rapid dissipation of traditional cultural and historical standards, loss of confidence in the future, and the rising Russian menace might be expected to be met with more than a shrug or vote of confidence.
                Rest assured that many of us here in “the States” are “Brelated” at your decision and are hoping that you can experience a Brrebirth. Bring on Boris!
                Perhaps after our own election this fall, we will both be in a position to repair and rebuild the magnificent, historic and special relationship our countries have often enjoyed throughout much of the 20th century and early 21st century.

                Well done, dad, you’ve “Br-aced it!”

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