Friday, June 17, 2016

Television Talk Show Hosts Wallow In Their Own Tolerance And Understanding

                 I am sick of watching television late show/talk show hosts- and others in the mass media- use a terrorist attack/heinous crime to make themselves appear to be holier-than-thou. These maudlin, moronic, moralizers climb up on their soap-boxes and high-horses to proclaim their uber-understanding of those who committed the atrocities, thereby, they believe, earning their politically-correct merit badges for tolerance, inclusion and open-mindedness. Oh, they will superficially mourn those slaughtered, especially those who may be outside of the mainstream, but they always blame the U.S., its Founders, “intolerance” and the elusive “right-wing extremists” for inciting the violence. And, of course, inanimate objects such as firearms are somehow always at fault, though they never give the very same inanimate objects any credit for stopping the very violence for which they get blamed.

                These clueless, morbid, morons will not countenance standards, logic or reason, but by God they will frolic with- and excuse- evil, in a pathetically misguided and narcissistic attempt to claim the moral high ground…and liberal’s approbation.

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