Monday, June 20, 2016

Gun Control Or Thought Control, It's Up To You

                 Let me see if I have this straight: when a Christian refuses to bake a cake, it’s a hate crime, but when an ISIS-supporting terrorist kills 49 people in a gay club, it’s a gun problem, correct?
                And speaking of the mentally ill, how is it that neither they, nor criminals, nor radical Islamic terrorists are to blame for the atrocities they commit? I have yet to see a gun pull its own trigger.
                When radical Islamic terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center towers, I don’t recall an outraged call to ban aircraft. Despite the fact that we have been repeatedly exposed to images of radical Islamic terrorists beheading infidels, there is no orchestrated push to outlaw knives and machetes. And, after an Islamic radical attempted to blow up an airplane carrying 300 passengers with an “underwear bomb,” Democrats did not try to impose underwear-control. Why is this?
                It is because the issue isn’t guns…it’s control. It is much easier for a government to do what it wants if its citizens are docile and unarmed. Guns, in fact, protect the innocent, protect minorities (including minorities of oneyou or me, for instance), protect those who aren’t big and strong and young, in many cases from those who are.
                If guns cause crime, then pencils, pens and keyboards cause misspelled words. If guns cause crime, then Bic lighters should be banned to help eliminate arson.

                It is not guns that should be banned from the U.S., but radical Islamic terrorists.

                Evil itself is the most horrifying weapon. Guns are often the only way to thwart it.


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