Saturday, June 11, 2016

Teen-Age Students Live-Stream Sex Acts As Classmates Watch

                 According to CBS Chicago, police in Milwaukee have recently launched an investigation after three teenagers live-streamed themselves having sex, while their classmates at school watched on their Smart-phones. Milwaukee’s CBS Channel 58 reports that two girls, one 14 and one 15, and a boy of 15, skipped school this past January and engaged in sex acts off of school grounds, while at the same time streaming video live on Facebook. Several students watched the video on their phones while in health class at the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education.
                Well, they were certainly putting their “technical education” to use… as they pursued careers in… adult cinema.
                The backlash? One mother said she was “not pleased” that the school did not inform parents.    On the bright side, perhaps the school can negotiate exclusive world-wide rights to any future  online earnings the video may generate. After all, raising ever more money appears to be job number one for schools these days. We know it’s not imbuing kids with an ethical compass. Wouldn’t want to judge!
                High school students used to be sent to the principal’s office for chewing gum in class or calling teachers by their first name; they were then sent to college to debate philosophical and moral issues.
                Today they are sent to gender inclusive bathrooms and then off to staggeringly expensive colleges to hide in safe spaces when they aren’t learning about the evils of capitalism. Our schools no longer produce many deep and original thinkers, but they can put out an endless supply of Community Organizers.
                 This is what a “progressive” society looks like.


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