Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Elsa The Lesbian Princess? (Not Your Father's Disney)

                 Naturally, there is a social media campaign underway urging Disney to make its Elsa character from the movie "Frozen" into "a lesbian princess," likely marking the first time the words "lesbian" and "princess" were ever strung together. The actress who portrayed Elsa in the film, Idina Menzel, recently went on record as saying "it's great" to see her character "stirring" things up.
                “I think it’s great that she’s stirring it up, and Disney’s just gotta contend with that,” Menzel told Entertainment Tonight during an interview on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards. “I’ll let them figure that out.” (The actress said she would embrace whatever decision Disney makes).
                Many in Hollywood and the LGBTQ community are hoping that this pressure forces Disney, once and for all, to make its cartoon characters more "real," progressive, non-judgemental, open and inclusive.

                Here is what one person close to Disney Studios decision-makers told me in a confidential interview last week. The person requested anonymity because "not everyone, even in Hollywood, has shed their traditional, Christian, Father-Knows-Best, oppressive ways yet." That person continued, "You know, in the first movie, Elsa learns how to 'let it go and embrace the icy powers that make her special.' Well, now we have to push way past that."

                The person, a creative consultant at a major motion-picture house, suggested that the upcoming sequel to Frozen should have Elsa involved in a torrid triangle of lesbian love with Ariel and Minnie Mouse. For purposes of this report, I will henceforth refer to the insider, whose gender I will not disclose and do not know, as "Pat."
                Pat continued by stating that Pat strongly believes Christopher Robin is a member of the  transgender community. "It was never made overtly clear what sex he/she/ze/Zir identified as, and we never saw he/she/ze/zir entering or using any type of bathroom at all. This is obviously troubling and leads to tension in the viewing audience." Pat went on to say that, "I also believe that Goofy and Pluto are getting it on behind the scenes, and that it would be best if their 'puppy-love' was brought out into the open, and celebrated for the wonderful thing that it is."

                Later in the covert interview, Pat revealed Pat's desire to see Tiana, Sheriff Woody and Eeyore together in the "first ever animated black woman-popular toy-sad donkey threesome." Pat added slyly, "You know why they call him 'Woody,' don't you?"

                The creative maven pointed out that Jack Sparrow recently came out as a woman, while Anna now identifies as a man. Pat also made reference to Lightning McQueen's recent statement that he now self-identifies as a midnight blue '57 Ford Thunderbird.

                At one point Pat queried me, "You do know that Maleficent was a female, don't you?" I admitted that I did, at which time Pat said she thinks that, in an upcoming feature, Maleficent, Princess Jasmine and Ursula should be simultaneously taken- in public- by Simba the lion. “This is just the kind of unique and edgy entertainment the public’s been waiting for,” Pat opined.

                In closing, Pat stated that Buzz Light-year should be a "natural fit" for Jessica Rabbit...and that zhe would like to see an honest, frank and 'raw' onscreen portrayal of their carnal lust as Buzz takes Jessica "to infinity...and beyond."

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