Monday, June 19, 2023

Study Claims Christianity Associated With Belief In Conspiracy Theories


A new study, published in something called the Journal for The Scientific Study of Religion, claims that both Christian nationalism and biblical literalism are independently associated with a greater tendency to believe in conspiracy theories. More to the progressive point, that study purportedly found when people believed in both Christian nationalism and biblical literalism, their distrust of government officials increased significantly. Egads!

 In other words, they were more astute and less naive.

Yet leftists believe the findings provide insight into the sociocultural factors that contribute to the inexplicable spread and persistence of “misinformation”—amongst certain groups of people.

Study researchers claimed to be motivated by a growing concern over the allegedly harmful effects of “conspiracy theories,” such as those surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and the belief that the 2020 election may have been stolen from Donald Trump. They supposedly also sought to better understand the factors that contribute to the endorsement of what they consider to be conspiracy theories within specific religious and ideological contexts, according to some online reports.

LOL! “Conspiracy theories” such as COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan Virology Lab or that the Russian-collusion theory was a hoax perpetrated by Trump’s political opponents? Oh wait, those were both absolutely true. Or that the vaccines didn’t prevent transmission and, in fact, caused a great many serious harm? Oh wait, those are each factual statements, as well. Or maybe that…oh, never mind. It is abundantly clear that leftists proactively label any and all inconvenient facts-- and anything with which they disagree-- as “conspiracy theories.”

I can’t state this emphatically enough: to leftists, a “conspiracy theory” is literally anything-- no matter how fact-based, empirically obvious, or rational—that doesn’t support their ideological agenda (which is specifically intended to grant them power over infidels like us for perpetuity). You can bet the “researchers” were “motivated” by nothing more than this. Period.

If you believe that the United States has demonstrably, historically done more good for the world than other countries you are trafficking in a “conspiracy theory.” Doubt that the reported/purported 2020 election results were anything but the beatific offspring of the most fair, honest, open, accurate, and integrity-laden election in U.S. history? You are guilty of advancing a “conspiracy theory.” And of “threatening our democracy.” And participating in “The Big Lie.”

To many “progressives”/Democrats/Marxists/Communists—and there is sadly little difference among these now—belief in Christ is a “conspiracy theory.” As is belief in God or any higher power. Because they are who they’ve been waiting for. They are the higher power and the One True God. And a remarkably jealous deity at that. Do not dare to cross them. Or else.

God help you if you dare to differ with them. But, if you bend a knee and pledge eternal fealty to them, they may let you exist. Ain’t democracy grand?

“Certain groups” of people do seem to espouse conspiracy theories, traffic in hoaxes, routinely obfuscate-- and push “The Big Lie.” Those groups include our elected officials, so-called “experts,” the Deep State, and those in “entertainment,” academia and the mainstream media. And far too many “scientists,” like, for example, Dr. Fauci-- and those in bed with Climate Change hucksters.

Journal for The Scientific Study of Religion? If progressives are serious about diversity, equity, and inclusion, perhaps there should also be a Journal for The Religious Study of Science.



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