Friday, June 2, 2023

Drag Queen Summer Camp?


Like nearly every other vice or perversion formerly deemed unacceptable by society at large, pedophilia is now on the cusp of being decriminalized, destigmatized, and even normalized. Kids are, quite literally, being recruited to perform for the sexual gratification of adults.

As just one example, “Jack’D,” a gay men’s hookup and sex app, recently sponsored an event featuring a 13-year-old boy Drag Queen performing an explicit Strip Club dance routine in front of a crowd of adult men. “Jack’D?” No need to be subtle anymore. There’s room to groom.

Incredibly, various governments are now sponsoring drag summer camps for kids, and actually subsidizing the recruitment of kids as young as 7 to become drag performers. You are not a transphobe—or a “prude”—if you strongly denounce this objectification, sexualization, and utilization of young kids. Quite the contrary, you are a decent human being.

Objecting to this shameless use of children for adults’ pleasure is not a “war on drag.” That would be like arguing that preventing 7-year-olds from going into R-rated movies is a war on “art,” or film, or Hollywood. Or claiming that preventing an eight-year-old from buying a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of gin is a war on tobacco or distilled spirits.

I’m old enough to remember when kids went off to camps where they would learn to swim, canoe, fish, sail, use a bow and arrow, etc. And sit around a bonfire, make S’mores and tell stories-- all with the instruction and guidance of camp counselors. There were even Band Camps and Bible Camps.

And today? Who are the kids’ “counselors” at Drag Queen Camp? And what are they teaching them, Jack’D?

What’s next, Stripper Camp? Porn Camp? Masturbation Camp? Perhaps Gambling Camp? Smoking and Drinking Camp?

Pedophiles Minor Attracted Persons are shedding their shame and coming out of the closet, even as MAGA types are mocked, scorned, and, in some cases, imprisoned without charge.

Ironically, those who simply wish to Make America Great Again are seen as heinous troglodytes by many of the same people who wish to Make All Groomers Accepted.

What a drag.





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