Sunday, June 25, 2023

RFK Jr. A "Threat To Our Democracy" Proclaims The Los Angeles Times


The Pfizer fanatics, deep-state devotees, and assorted other wannabe Stalinists in the government-corporate media complex do not appear to like the cut of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s jib. At first blush, this seems odd, as Bobby’s son is a fairly radical environmentalist-- and a True Believer in man-caused climate change.

Yet, the problem, according to conventional far-left Democrat mouth organs such as the Los Angeles Times, is that RFK Jr.’s presidential bid is essentially “the second coming of Donald Trump.” Seriously. WTH? How can this be, you ask? Well, columnist Robin Abcarian wrote an opinion piece in which she stated that “Kennedy wants to seal our southern border ‘permanently.’” (We should have control of our own borders?  Egads!) And, that he believes antidepressants are responsible for mass shootings. (Well, there does seem to be a connection, at least anecdotally.)

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Abcarian noted that RFK Jr. has written a book-- one that sold quite well, in fact-- demonizing Saint Dr. Anthony Fauci. More damning yet to Abcarian, was the fact that, in one Facebook post, Kennedy claimed-- ”without evidence”-- that the COVID-19 vaccines were/are not safe for pregnant women. Not only do some studies suggest support for that statement, but the COVID-19 vaccines are, inarguably, not entirely “safe” for anyone. The reports of adverse reactions to them are legion.

But Abcarian wrote that Kennedy’s views are “dangerous,” and that “he belongs nowhere near the White House, or any position of real political power.” She stated of Kennedy: “When he opens his mouth, as he did for more than three hours on Joe Rogan’s podcast the other day, the inanities that come out are positively Trump-esque.” She also tolerantly—and in a fair and balanced manner befitting a “journalist”— remarked, “Robert Kennedy Jr. is off his rocker.”

Not to be outdone, Times writer Michael Hiltzik—in the paper’s business section—proclaimed that “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not only a threat to your health — but a threat to our democracy.” This is unusual, in that, heretofore, Democrats and the mass media only characterized Republicans as “threats to our democracy.”

Well, we aren’t a democracy, we’re a republic, though ostensibly a democratic one. And how, exactly, is choice a threat to our democratic republic, especially one between a doddering old fool being thoroughly and shamelessly used by far-left radicals to further their Marxist agenda…and someone who appears to think for himself and have the wellbeing of middle-class Americans in “flyover country” in mind.

Oh, I guess that’s where the comparison to Trump comes in. And why the elites seemingly already despise Kennedy almost as much as Trump, despite the fact that he’s a “Democrat.” Both potentially threaten their stranglehold on power. And that scares them. And pisses them off to no end.

Because when they assert something or someone is a “threat to our democracy,” what they really mean is quite the opposite. Projection, thy name is Democrat.


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