Friday, June 9, 2023

Johns Hopkins Provides Staff With Inclusive Pronoun List, Guidance


According to documents obtained by the Daily Mail and Fox News Digital, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland recently provided its staff with an "inclusive" guide listing 50 different “pronouns” that employees are allowed to use on their identification badges.

The pronoun-usage guide instructed employees on how to use various gender-neutral pronouns while working with both colleagues and patients. “Pronouns” featured in the guide included "Ae," "E/Ey," "Fae," "Per," "Ve," "Xe," and "Ze/Zie." The guide even explained to medical staff how to properly use the pronouns in a sentence.

To wit: "Ae cleaned the office all by aerself," the guide stated, adding, "I gave faer the key." One of the allegedly premier medical institutions on Earth is impressed that someone cleaned an office “all by [themselves]?” I mean, how about touting a successful heart transplant or other medical procedure?

Nonetheless, in addition to helpful hints on pronoun usage, the Johns Hopkins language guide also advised staff to quit using "Mr." and "Miss" when addressing "non-binary or gender-diverse people” and to substitute "Mx." instead. Furthermore, the guide, released by the school’s Office of Diversity, insisted that employees ask how folks prefers to identify.

I see a picture of someone being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, blood spewing everywhere, the victim of a gunshot wound—and a graduate of the JHUSOM bending down to ask what that person’s preferred pronouns might be. Hopefully, the victim-patient would then say, “I don’t give a shit what you call me at this point, just save my life please, but I’m going to assume your pronouns are ‘dingleberry’ and ‘asshat!’”

So-called “pronouns” can be literally anything these days, from dipshit/moron/virtue-signaler/attention-seeker/circus-freak and groomer, to eek/sor/vela/il/ils/emeffer/ye/yer/yir, etc., etc., etc.

For example: “Ye refused to administer the anesthetic to the patient because he misgendered yer on the way to the operating room.” So the patient died. Oh, well.



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