Friday, June 16, 2023

Democrats Don't Care What Americans Think


A new Pew Research Center survey has found that at least half of Americans say they disapprove of affirmative action (a.k.a. reverse discrimination), whereby colleges and universities base admissions largely on the racial and ethnic backgrounds of prospective students.

But peoples’ opinions do not faze today’s Democratic Party, which champions the practice. It is steadfastly determined to do the wrong thing, secure in the knowledge that it will never be held accountable. It has repeatedly been proven correct in that assessment.

Prior to the 2022 elections, a pre-mid-term poll by Schoen Cooperman Research found that the Democratic Party was perceived by voters as being ineffective, out of touch, and too left-wing. The logical conclusion was that, as a result, it would suffer substantive losses in the midterm elections.

Didn’t happen.  

Most Americans are not fond of open borders, CRT and The 1619 Project being taught in our schools, the sexualization of our young children in schools and by radical trans types, the defunding of police, cancel culture, reparations, and unfettered abortion until the moment of birth—or slightly after.

Truth be told, a majority of Americans/voters disapprove of a majority of the Democrats’ policy positions (and purported beliefs), but apparently keep voting them into office anyway. Are they incompetent? Insane? Masochistic? A combination of all three? Or is something much darker and more nefarious occurring? Has the Donkey Party’s malfeasance and widespread cheating been that effective? (In any case, there is, indisputably, both a method to the Democrats’ madness and a madness to the Democrats’ method.)

Simple logic and reason—and a firm grasp of actual history— should make debunking Democrats’ arguments easy and irrefutable. Yet this almost never happens, even by prominent Republicans. Why?

While I never underestimate Republicans’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, this still rankles me.

And now many RINOs are saying it is time to take back the party from Trump. This is exactly the wrong idea, exactly the wrong “lesson” to be learned. Trump took the GOP from a cocktail-party-loving/multi-national corporation abetting/you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours entity and made it the party of real Americans from the hinterlands, folks who do real work, understand the importance of the Declaration and the Constitution, and who respect the rule of law.

The Democrat-Academia-Media-Corporate-Complex lies to you, misleads you, disdains you, threatens you, and wishes to lock you down, permanently…physically, intellectually, spiritually.

In the most basic sense of the term, affirmative action is badly needed. Affirmative action to drain The Swamp, for example. Affirmative action to cleanse the Republican Party of those who are fine with the status quo, corruption, and insanely bloated government—even if they occasionally call for a small tax cut or throw shade at a “Squad” member.

MAGA in 2024. Or we will sentence ourselves—and our descendants—to permanent servitude.


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