Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Teacher Calls Student "Despicable" For Questioning Classmates Claim She's A Cat


Recently, a 13-year-old girl was called “despicable” by her progressive, tolerant, inclusive, and nonjudgmental teacher at a Church of England school in the United Kingdom after asking a classmate how she could identify as a cat.

The schoolgirl-- and her friend-- were reprimanded by the Rye College teacher near the end of an eighth grade “life education” class, in which they were told: “Be who you want to be and how you identify is up to you,” according to The Telegraph.

Following the “lesson,” one of the students asked a classmate: “How can you identify as a cat when you’re a girl?” Good question. Inquiring minds want to know.

But not the teacher’s, who then informed the students they were being reported to school administrators and would no longer be welcome at the school if they continued to express radical beliefs such as that one can’t become another sex-- or species—simply by claiming to be one.  

A video clip, taken by one of the students, shows the teacher remarking, “How dare you, you’ve just really upset someone” by “questioning their identity.”

To which the student replies: “If they want to identify as a cat or something then they are genuinely unwell – crazy.” The teacher then proceeds to ask the young girls where they got the preposterous notion that there are only two genders. The indoctrinator educator avers: “Gender is not linked to the parts that you were born with, gender is how you identify, which is what I said right from the very beginning of the lesson.” Right. Gender in no way correlates to the “parts that you were born with,” which are randomly distributed-- for some reason. Or, more likely, no reason at all.

The teacher stated: “There is actually three biological sexes because you can be born with male and female body parts or hormones,” and added, “there are lots of genders – there is transgender, there is a gender who are people who don’t believe that they have a gender at all.” There “is” three biological sexes? Good thing the English teacher isn’t an English teacher. As for “male and female body parts,” she just got through saying that body parts have no relevance to one’s sex, so she promptly—if accidentally—contradicted herself.

The students, far wiser, disagreed, telling the teacher, “If you have a vagina you’re a girl and if you have a penis you’re a boy.” 

This, predictably, caused the teacher to wig out. She/they/it/kitty exclaimed: “You are talking about the fact that cisgender is the norm, that you identify with the sexual organ you were born with. That’s basically what you’re saying, which is really despicable.” It is “despicable” to identify with the sexual organ you were born with?! That view is rigid, intolerant, hateful, unscientific…and insane.

The teacher, referring to the girl’s stubborn adherence to reality, also told the students that they “need to have a proper educational conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion because I’m not having that expressed in my lesson.” Because a “proper” education means no debate, no dialogue, and no dissent! Or else! “Sieg Heil!”

Almost anything can hurt a progressive’s feelings and cause them to run for a “safe space.” Microaggressions and hate speech allegedly abound. “Misgender” somebody or “dead name” them and you are deemed to be a monster. Words are now frequently construed as “literally violence” by those on the left. Yet, the unimpeachably progressive “educator” finds it okay—necessary even—to label a young student “despicable” for her failure to believe a person who claims to be a cat…actually is one. Wow.

Fellow Westerners, one question: Just how much intolerance (disguised as tolerance), authoritarianism, amorality-- and insanity --are you willing to put up with?

My fellow Americans, perhaps it is time we listened to our founding fathers……rather than obeying the Marxist/Fascist whackos who would be our masters.




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