Thursday, June 1, 2023

IRS Commissioner Says IRS Follows Justice Department Direction


According to Fox News, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, responding to allegations of internal retaliation against IRS whistleblowers, sent the House Ways and Means Committee a letter denying those accusations.

At least two IRS whistleblowers, one being a criminal supervisory special agent, claim the Justice Department has interfered in a high-profile criminal investigation. The attorneys representing the supervisory agent have been careful not to name the subject of that investigation, but it is generally believed they were referring to the probe of Hunter Biden.

Werfel admitted as much in the letter, writing: "I want to state unequivocally that I have not intervened — and will not intervene — in any way that would impact the status of any whistleblower.” He added, “The IRS whistleblower you reference alleges that the change in their work assignment came at the direction of the Department of Justice. As a general matter and not in reference to any specific case, I believe it is important to emphasize that in any matter involving federal judicial proceedings, the IRS follows the direction of the Justice Department.” (Emphasis mine.)

Yes, and the Department of Injustice Justice follows the direction dictated to them by those in the Obama Biden administration. Period.

And it’s high time for all of us to blow the whistle on them.

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