Saturday, June 3, 2023

Countering The Counterrevolutionaries


I have long noted that the Left has essentially—and effectively—completed its promised “long march through the institutions.” And now that these erstwhile radicals control the government, including the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and even the military, they no longer savage them. Indeed, they champion them. Or, as Victor Davis Hanson has noted, the establishment is the revolution now. And those who comprise it have established themselves as tyrannical frauds.

It is abundantly clear that the only thing progressives/leftists/Marxists/statists care about is power. And, sadly, they have hit upon an effective way of achieving—and now enhancing and preserving—that power: obfuscate and lie-- and do so by accusing your opponents/targets of doing just what you are doing, of having done precisely what you have done.

They are hypocrites most high, paragons of prevarication, masters of mendacity…exemplars of evil.

Thomas Jefferson, who many consider to be the founder of the Democratic Party, once stated: “I have sworn, on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.”

By contrast, the New Jacobins’ (today’s Democrat Party) mantra, based on words and actions, appears to be: ”We have sworn, on Gaia’s sacred ground, eternal hostility to all forms of freedom-- and dissent—from our ideology and rule. For ours is The One Objective Truth, The Lone Real Light, and The Only Way.”

Open-minded? Welcoming? Inclusive? Tolerant? Just the opposite, of course.

The Founders were actual revolutionaries, albeit classically liberal ones…which is to say “conservative” in today’s parlance. Many of the 1960s “hippie” strain of radicals have joined with actual Marxists—cultural and economic—to counter the American Revolution that established and ensconced the idea of inalienable individual rights…and ushered in an era of unprecedented freedom and prosperity.

It is well past time for those of us who are not of a Marxist bent to stridently and effectively counter the counterrevolutionaries.

We owe it to our Founders. We owe it to all those who served, fought, sacrificed, and died for liberty. We owe it to ourselves. And we owe it to posterity.

Not sure about that? Did you like the Third Reich? The Soviet Union? Do you like what’s happening in Russia today? China? North Korea? Or what has transpired recently in Venezuela, Brazil, Iran? Or even in Denmark or Canada?

It is time to Make America Great Again. Again.

And once again unfurl the Gadsden flag to the rest of the world.




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