Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The University Of Washington Offers Certificate In Sexuality And Queer Studies


The University of Washington (UW) is offering graduate students the opportunity to earn a certificate in Sexuality and Queer Studies. Not surprising these days. The program’s curriculum is based on helping students study “the foundational work of queer scholars and scholars of queer studies,” and to develop the “ability to interrogate and analyze the complex intersections of sexualities with other dimensions of societal power.” And to gain the “ability to communicate effectively through both writing and speaking on topics related to sexualities and queer studies.” Sure.

Is there really much difference between “queer scholars” and “scholars of queer studies?”

The University of Washington apparently believes there is an overabundance of “historically naturalized normative forms of (hetero) sexuality” and that this imbalance needs to be addressed for some reason. Ergo, it made the Graduate Certificate in Sexuality and Queer Studies application available to all students in a graduate or professional program. And committed itself to provide a program that “denaturalizes heterosexuality and interrogates analyses of sexual normativity.” Just what we needed.

For that matter, it is high time we “denaturalized” breathing, eating, drinking-- and excretion—too. As well as marriage between one man and one woman. And, by extension, having kids.

Incredibly, it is no longer enough to tolerate members of “the LGBTQ community” and treat them with humanity, dignity, and respect. They now demand that we celebrate them—incessantly—and effectively worship them. That is beyond the pale, and truly offensive. Tolerance? Sure. But tolerance only goes one way now. LGBTQers, don’t try to force the rest of us to essentially renounce our own traditional sexuality or to consider homosexuality absolutely morally equivalent (if not superior) to—and as important to the past and future of mankind-- as heterosexuality.

Ironically, this ultra-aggressive approach of the more militant LGBTQ entities tends only to make the rest of us less likely to pledge our support.

Pride goeth before the fall.



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