Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Target Urges Employees To Play "Queer Bingo"


Target Corporation recently sent an email to employees in its Minneapolis headquarters— and across the nation—asking them to celebrate “pride week” and to build “community” either in-person or remotely. The brick-and-mortar behemoth is asking its employees to participate in LGBTQ “pride” events including “Queer Bingo,” according to a reported internal company email.

The electronic missive said “Show your Pride | In honor of Pride Week, join team members across the company for a variety of events to connect and build community virtually and at Minneapolis HQ. Check out a few highlights below and visit the Pride+ SharePoint for details, Zoom links and more.”

The correspondence also urged employees to partake of a “Game Day” that includes “Queer Bingo” and other board games. (“Other” board games? Like, perhaps, queer “Chutes & Ladders,” gay “Stratego,” lesbian “Life,” bisexual “Battleship,” and transgender “Monopoly?” How fun!)

  Queer Bingo? Sounds delicious!   



  Oh, baby!

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