Monday, January 3, 2022

Sexes Removed From Welsh Sex Education Curriculum


Education heads of the Labor-run Welsh government have removed the word “sex” from the country’s sex ed classes and the title of its new teaching code. They have also removed virtually all references to the sexes, period. Gone are hoary old terms like “boy,” “girl,” “man,” “woman,” “male,” and “female.” The newly minted “Relationships and Sexuality Education Code” was debated in the Welsh Senedd for only 30 minutes recently before being put into force. 

A spokeswoman for the women’s group Merced Cymru said the document was “idealism, not sex education,” but noted that school workers and parents were afraid to speak because the debate was so toxic. Laura Anne Jones, Conservative Shadow Minister of Education, added, “We don’t even know the exact guidance that will be given to teachers, and it sadly appears to prioritize ideology rather than safeguarding and protecting children.”  

Those in government, in conjunction with the hyper woke, have continually prioritized ideology over safeguarding and protecting children. Whether it be their stances on abortion, charter schools, lockdowns and mask mandates, gender dysphoria, or now the virtual erasure of gender altogether, they have relentlessly advanced their leftist/Marxist ideology at the expense of children.

Refusal to use the words “boy” or “girl,” “male” or “female” doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Refusal to acknowledge something doesn’t make it any less real. This isn’t like removing the word “pepperoni” from a menu description of pepperoni pizza—or even removing “yin” from “yang.” If we are now to conduct our sex education with no reference to the sexes, it will be a clear sign of societal insanity. And a possible precursor to our extinction.


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