Saturday, January 1, 2022

Rep. Says Student Debt Is "Policy Violence"


Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), member in good standing of the infamous “squad” of radical “Democratic-Socialist” bitches, took to social media recently to state: "Let’s make it plain: student debt is policy violence.”

Say what?

She vowed, "We’ll keep fighting to relieve families across the country, to make sure our policies & budgets reflect their lived experiences & that we build this grassroots movement to #CancelStudentDebt together." She described student debt as a "racial, gender, and economic crisis" before urging President Biden to deliver on the proposed debt cancellation.

Pressley wrote, "The student debt crisis is multiracial & multigenerational,” and added “@POTUS can & must #CancelStudentDebt."

If it’s bad for students to be, say, 20 to 200 thousand dollars in debt, if it is indeed immoral for us to allow that to happen, why is it no big deal for the nation to be $30 trillion in debt? If current student debt was cancelled, that would be immensely unfair to all those who have paid their debt back, whose families have eschewed vacations and dining out to help see their child through college.

 If making someone pay back a loan—a loan that they agreed to pay back as a contractual condition of it being granted-- is “violence,” then taxation is surely “rape?” The requirement to pay rent must be “extortion.” And needing to ante up to play poker must be nothing less than “monetary slavery.”

Among progressives, there is no end, no limit to entitlement thinking. They purport to believe only the very wealthy should have to pay for anything and everything. They purport to believe that the only way anyone can be more successful than anyone else is through sheer luck, cheating, privilege, or oppression. They disdain reality, and won’t countenance obvious differences in work ethic, effort, and integrity.

These preposterous Progressive assertions are “sanity violence,” and “attacks on logic and reason.” Those are my “lived experiences.”

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