Sunday, January 16, 2022

Boulder, Colorado, Tells Residents To "Turn Down Their Thermostats And Dress In Layers"


The Democrat-run city of Boulder, Colorado, issued a warning to residents recently, urging them to cut back on home energy use throughout the winter as energy costs skyrocket. The warning posted by city officials claimed that nationwide supply challenges have led to higher consumer costs. Yes, “supply challenges.”

The statement read in part: “Turn down your thermostat and dress in layers: It’s not just up to your furnace to keep you warm. Dressing in layers can keep you warm while relying less on your heat source. Avoid using hot water unless you need it: Cold water works just fine for washing most clothing. Running your dishwasher daily, instead of hand washing your dishes, can often save both energy and water.” The city also recommended that citizens “harness sunshine” by opening south-facing shades during the daytime and that they install better windows and more insulation. They are to try to save money by buying high-quality windows? I just replaced five—count them, five—windows in my own home…at a cost of $15,000. Harness that sunshine!

The warning added, “It will be important this winter, more than in the past, to be a mindful energy user.” Why? How’d we get here? No mention of President Biden’s assault on fossil fuels and extraction industries? No mention of his killing the Keystone Pipeline and desire to shut others down? No mention of out-of-control federal spending or the fact that we are roughly $30 trillion in debt?! No mention of the fact that Boulder itself filed a lawsuit in 2018 against fossil fuel companies over their alleged impact on “climate change?” That’s how we got here! What chutzpah!

After telling their fellow citizens how to live, Boulder officials noted that they will not only save money but protect the planet by taking the suggested measures to reduce their natural gas use. (Ah, there it is!)

Boulderites should not be surprised at their rulers’ instructions. The Biden administration has already told Americans to “lower their expectations.” (It just didn’t tell us how far to lower them.)

Boulder officials might also have suggested that residents of the city on the edge of the Rocky Mountains refrain from washing their clothes at all and hang them outside to freeze at night. When they bring them in the next day to thaw, most of the bacteria, etc., will have been killed off. Moreover, residents could take cold showers and baths, saving even more money and energy.  And walk or snowshoe if they must leave their homes to buy groceries or seek medical attention. (Your elderly, , ill, disabled, and infirm? Oh well.)

When residents do their duty and lower their thermostats to, say, 48 degrees, they will also save money on refrigeration costs. In fact, they could unplug their refrigerators and still keep their perishables adequately chilled. If they unplug their televisions and  quit using their computers, stoves, microwaves, dryers, and stereo systems, even more savings would accrue. Yay! How exciting!

I’m sure readers have even more money—and planet—saving suggestions. Let’s hear them!


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