Saturday, January 8, 2022

YouTube Removes John Ondrasik Music Video About America's Withdrawal From Afghanistan


              The song remains the same: Big Tech is in bed with Democrats.

              Singer/songwriter John Ondrasik, of the popular Canadian band “Five for Fighting,” recently uploaded a music video to YouTube in which he highlighted the consequences of President Biden’s precipitous and chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. Ondrasik included powerful images and videos showing the ongoing persecution taking place in Afghanistan. YouTube removed the video, lamely citing its “graphic content policy.”

              The songwriter of the smash hits “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” and “100 Years” sent out a tweet noting what Biden “Abandoned to [the] Taliban.” The list included American citizens, allies, and 200,000 “Afghan Brothers in Arms.” He also pointed out that women’s rights have since been decimated, music has been outlawed, LGBTQ members have been hunted down, and children have been sold for food. He added: “Accountability – 0” and “Blood On My Hands – White House.”

              It is easy to imagine Americans left behind by Biden sadly uttering a verse from Ondrasik’s “Superman (It’s Not Easy)”:

              I wish that I could cry

              Fall upon my knees

              Find a way to lie

              ‘Bout a home I’ll never see



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