Monday, January 10, 2022

January 6th And The Real 'Big Lie'


In a recent post on American Thinker, Dennis McGowan noted of the Democrats’ and media’s fixation with January 6th: “January 6th was an important day long before 2021 when Washington D.C added its own date stamp.  In the world of Western Christendom, it has been observed for centuries as the day when the three Magi, or Wise Men, arrived in Bethlehem at the stable where Christ was born. These wise men travelled far from their home to recognize and celebrate the beginning of a new era. It is officially called the Epiphany and marks a critical day in the calendar of Christmastide.”  

Democrats revel in claiming that Trump and his supporters are engaged in The Big Lie in asserting that the 2020 Presidential Election was riddled with fraud and inconsistencies-- or was anything but The Fairest, Cleanest, Most Accurate and Excellent Election in American History. They then claim that Trump urged his minions to storm the Capitol building on January 6th, and seize control of the government, in a massive and brazen attack on democracy the likes of which the union hasn’t experienced since the Civil War…if then. Though they were back at work in the Capitol a few hours later, our “representatives” claim that this “insurrection” nearly succeeded in wresting control of the ship of state from their benign and blessed hands.

It is not an epiphany to state that the republic could use some wise men—and women—right about now. And sober ones.

The Big Lie is that Trump and his supporters are engaged in The Big Lie. That is the real lie, the biggest lie (Mother of All Lies?) of all. Trump supporters, though misguided on January 6th, 2021, were attempting to protect their nation from the real coup, the never-ending coup against America, at least red state America, being perpetrated by the left and almost all Democrats. Incredibly, the coup that sought to oust the democratically elected Trump from office began even before he arrived there.

The real Big Lie has been—and is still being-- aided, abetted and promoted by the Big Liars in the mainstream media. No longer lie detectors, they are lie projectors, smear merchants, enemies of the people so full of crap that industrial-sized enemas couldn't clean them out. Bizarrely binary, they are nothing more than Deep State-approved mouth organs of the Democratic Party, essentially state-run organizations when Democrats are in power and sworn enemies of the state when Republicans hold office. They are Merchants of Menace.

The clowns at MSNBC, the Lolita-lovers at CNN, the “ladies” on The View, and the partisan pseudo-journalist hacks at fish-wrap factories like The New York Times and The Washington Post all routinely say the same things…in the same way. They consistently beclown themselves but are not open-minded enough to realize it. Though their egos are endless, their self-awareness is otherwise remarkably limited.

The drive-by media, like the Four Unwise Women (a.k.a. “The Squad”), the Clintons, and Adam Schiff, are masters of mendacity, distinguished in their disingenuousness. If prevarication was an Olympic sport and they a team, they would always take home the gold. They would make Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping blush with shame.

Fortunately, as singer Rod Stewart once noted, “Those who scribble with crooked nib will one day have to answer to the great Editor in the sky.” 

Then, perhaps, they will know the truth. And the truth will set them free.

As American citizens, we must speak the truth as well, whether about lockdowns and mandates, inalienable rights, election integrity, the perils of socialism, or our own history. If we do not shy from doing so, perhaps we, too, can once again be free.

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