Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Democrats: I.D. Needed To Walk Your Neighborhood But Not To Vote


Beginning January 15th, adult citizens wishing to walk the streets of Washington, D.C. have been instructed to wear a mask and carry proof of vaccination with them. They also are to possess a photo I.D., per Mayor Muriel Bowser’s orders, thegatewaypundit recently reported.

If so, we have a Democrat essentially demanding that everyone wishing to take a stroll or walk their dog have proper identification on them. Yet Democrats in the nation’s Capitol are frantically pushing a bill that would mandate that no state, city, or precinct require an I.D. of those voting in presidential elections.

Requiring an I.D. to vote for president is racist, but requiring one to walk around your neighborhood is good policy? Mind-boggling. Does anyone really believe Democrats think minorities are incapable of procuring an I.D. so that they can vote, but have no trouble doing so otherwise? Of course not. That is nonsensical. Do they then believe that non-whites (“marginalized peoples”) simply can’t remember to bring their I.D.s to their polling place on Election Day but will always make sure to have it on them every other day whilst, say, walking Bowser the Hound. (As opposed to Bowser the mayor.)   

In any case, if you are walking into your polling place to vote, you can put away your I.D. upon entering. In fact, with bill HR-1, Democrats are trying to nationalize elections-- and ban I.D.s from polling places-- thus making certain that no Republican ever gets elected again.

Things you can’t bring to the polls when voting: Firearms or other weapons, any items bearing political messages……and any form of I.D.

But don’t hide that I.D. too well. You might just need it on the way home from voting.



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