Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Democrats To Reduce Penalties For Drive-By Shootings


In the 1993 movie  Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams’ character throws a lime at the back of a man’s head, then proceeds to blame the heinous act on a “member of the kitchen staff,” claiming he observed the “run-by fruiting.”

How times change. Today, Washington state Democrats are pushing to have sentences for drive-by shooters reduced.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not content with eliminating bail and reducing penalties for theft, burning and looting, and assorted other erstwhile crimes, West Coast Democrats are now apparently dead set on making things easier for homicidal maniacs, as well. And those simply engaging in a little random gun violence to spice up their day. And I thought progressives despised guns.

Leftists are an amazing bunch. BLM and Antifa rioters? Let them go free! Protesters at our Capitol Building? Arrest them and throw them in solitary confinement…with or without charges! Dare to “misgender” someone? They’ll “throw the book” at you. Spray a convenience store or church with gunfire whilst zipping by ensconced in the passenger’s seat of your partner’s stolen Honda Accord? Reduced penalties! Yay! (Oh, what fun it is to ride in a two-hundred-horse car and slay!)

Dare to resist the vaccination Nazis? Off to a “Quarantine Camp” with you! Take a few potshots at, say, a school bus stop? No problem! And maybe no bail!

Like judging people strictly by the color of their skin, drive-by shootings used to have a bad reputation. But, as previously noted, the times they are-a-changing. We are progressing, right?

 Rush Limbaugh often used to refer to the “drive-by media,” correctly noting that it routinely takes wild shots at those it disdains and then roars away as if nothing happened. The drive-by media has never been properly held accountable for its actions.

 If the Evergreen State Donkeys horses’ asses have their way, drive-by shooters won’t be, either.



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