Friday, January 21, 2022

Three For Free


Three For Free


*A statue of Theodore Roosevelt was recently removed from outside New York’s Museum of Natural History. Roosevelt was one of his era’s most progressive politicians. He was a “trust buster.” He established the national park system. Etc., etc. When they have cancelled or destroyed nearly everyone else, “progressives” end up eating their own. Roosevelt was played, affectionately, by the late great Robin Williams in the Night at the Museum movies. His character came alive from his statue at the museum. Now his statue is gone, too.

*President Joe Biden preposterously pondered whether or not the 2022 midterm elections will be legitimate…or fraught with fraud. This after claiming Trump’s assertions that the 2020 election was stolen from him was “The Big Lie.” Democrats and mainstream media members (but I repeat myself) assert with straight faces that the 2020 Presidential election was the fairest in human history, despite all evidence to the contrary and the fact that 50% of the votes cast were by mail, virtually inviting cheating and malfeasance. “It all depends,” said Biden. Translation:  “Look, look, look…if we win, then the midterm elections were legitimate. If not, if the other guys do, then they weren’t. It’s that simple, okay?”

*Mars, Incorporated, the candy company, recently vowed to make its popular M&Ms characters more inclusive and diverse. To wit: the green M&M, who had previously been portrayed as a seductive female in go-go boots, will now sport a simple pair of sneakers. What an improvement! Another character, the brown M&M, described her motto as, “Not bossy. Just the boss.” The small, disc-shaped candies will now be portrayed to highlight women in power, and equality of the sexes and races. Mars said in announcing the refresh that M&M’s — which were first released in 1941 — will have “an updated tone of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming, and unifying, while remaining rooted in our signature jester, wit and humor.” Yeah, right. What this fractured society needs is an M&M that is bisexual, one that is transgendered, one that is a lesbian Marxist, and one that represents Antifa. And remember, M&Ms cum melt in your mouth, not in your hands!

Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life here.

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