Sunday, January 30, 2022

President Biden Pre-emptively Questions The Legitimacy Of The 2022 Elections


President Joe Biden, implausibly, recently questioned the legitimacy of the upcoming mid-term elections. Let that sink in.

Democrats claimed for years that the 2016 presidential elections were a sham, and that the only reason Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton was that he somehow colluded with Russia to steal victory away from their candidate. Then, despite all logic, circumstantial evidence-- and several actual witnesses-- pointing to widespread material tampering with the 2020 presidential election, Biden, Democrats, and their mainstream media toadies all proclaimed the election to be utterly beyond reproach, quite possibly the most fair, accurate and indeed beatific election in American history. Moreover, they routinely muzzle those who publicly question the election. Big Tech and “social” media ban you from their platforms for spreading such “misinformation.” Many people have actually been questioned, detained-- and even incarcerated for simply expressing doubts about the way votes were processed and tabulated in the 2020 election, making the U.S. appear to be nothing more than a very large third-world nation, a banana republic mostly devoid of bananas.

And now Biden, the “winner” of that 2020 election, is proactively questioning the integrity of the 2022 elections? Mind-boggling. Of course, Biden’s “mind” is itself mind-boggling.

Say, you don’t think this could have anything to do with the fact that Biden’s policies have adversely affected nearly all of the American electorate, leaving most everyone to predict massive Republican victories in 2022…do you?

Here is what Biden is really saying: “Look, look…look. It’s really simple. I’ll, I’ll, uh, break it down for you. If we win, I mean Democrats, then the elections were legitimate. If not, if the, you know, other guys do, then they weren’t. It’s just that simple, okay? C’mon, man, get with the program!”


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