Thursday, January 20, 2022

"Preposterous" Doesn't Cut It Anymore


I very rarely used the word “preposterous” until about two years ago. It was so powerful a word it was rarely needed…so I saved it for those special occasions. Now, however, I find myself using it many times a day. In fact, recent events/hoaxes/reports have, incredibly, rendered it inadequate. Preposterously, we need a new, single word that conveys the unbelievable, monstrously hypocritical, stupefyingly bad, gobsmackingly stupid, heinously evil, and devilishly dishonest…combined with mindboggling naivete.

 In the manner of “stagflation,” which was widely thought to be impossible until Jimmy Carter proved us all wrong, we now have people skeptical and cynical about demonstrably factual things while being utterly gullible in regards to what the Democrat-Media Complex throws at them: Trump is a Russian plant. The Hunter Biden laptop kerfuffle was a Russian disinformation campaign. China is our friend. The coronavirus couldn’t have come from the Wuhan lab. Man-caused global warming will lead to the planet’s destruction in 10-12 years. Russia interfered in the 2016 election throwing it to trump, but the 2020 election was the cleanest ever! Any assertions otherwise are part of The Big Lie. January 6 was Trump’s fault and was worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor! It was an all-out insurrection! Anyone who says otherwise is guilty of…The Big Lie, um, Part II. But the months-long BLM and Antifa-led riots in many American cities were “mostly peaceful!” Trump called neo-Nazis “fine people!” Joe Rogan took horse de-wormer! Rittenhouse is a crazed murderer! Sadly, an SUV ran over some people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha. Our leaders and experts had to impose lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, etc., to keep us all safe! All we need is two weeks to flatten the curve! I mean two, maybe three years. Just get the jab and you’ll be fine. As long as you get the next jab. And your annual semi-annual monthly booster shot. Biden is a moderate. A nice man. A “uniter.” Dr, Fauci is the sexiest man alive! And he represents science! In fact, he is science himself, science incarnate! Gov. Cuomo is a great leader who deserves an Emmy! Nick Sandman harassed a Native American! Jussie Smollett was the victim of white supremacists! They put a noose around his neck! And they put a noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage, too! Larry Elder is a white supremacist! And so is Winsome Sears! The 1619 Project is an accurate portrayal of American history, but it isn’t being taught in our schools anyway! White supremacist domestic terrorists are the biggest threat to our country! It is impossible to determine if a baby is male or female at birth! There are an infinite number of genders!

And on and on it goes. I could literally write hundreds of thousands of words cataloging the innumerable, incessant lies with which those in positions of influence try to indoctrinate us.

This has led the more aware among us to ask how this could have occurred. It is happening in large part because of the shockingly rapid decline in faith in the United States (and the West in general), particularly the Christian faith. Something has to fill that void, people have to believe in something. So, inanely, and despite all of history showing the staggering abuses, crimes and idiocy of kings and ruling bodies across the globe, many have retracted their faith in God and placed it in government. (Or “experts” like Dr. Fauci.)

This is why we are still, two years into the plandemic, figuratively hiding under our beds. It is why so many of us are still—literally-- masked up and locked down. The bigger the government the smaller the people…and vice-versa. Somewhere, the Founders weep.

 It is impossible to prove that God doesn’t exist. Not that that stops leftists. But it is easy to prove that a mass psychosis is occurring.

My fellow Americans, think of where we were just two or three years ago. “Preposterous” doesn’t begin to describe what has transpired since. Or how we have allowed it to occur.






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