Friday, January 14, 2022

Today In Insanity-- Volume 3


Welcome to another edition of Today in Insanity!


*The U.S. Air Force has approved the use of gender pronoun preferences in emails, claiming—preposterously—that “an inclusive force is a mission-ready force.” No, a cohesive force is a mission-ready force. Allowing women, gays, transvestites, transgenders—and those of all 73 or whatever genders—to serve does not enhance cohesiveness but reduces it. 

*Norway’s University of Agder’s sexology department required students to attend the Cat People Club, a bondage and discipline/fetish establishment, and follow its (lack of) dress code while doing so. The trip was set up by Professor Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, a transgender female, and her spouse Elsa AlmÃ¥s, also a professor. According to a university news release, the sexology program is a “two-year, 60-credit continuing education course” that has produced “ten classes of sexologists.” The course is quite popular, with 600 students applying for only 43 spots this past semester. But requiring students to attend a BDSM club is ridiculous. Someone deserves a spanking.

*Double vaccinated people in Hamburg, Germany will no longer be allowed into restaurants without proof of a negative coronavirus test. Only the triple vaccinated will be welcomed without negative test result vouchers. Of course, a few weeks from now, would-be patrons will need to be quadruple vaccinated, and the lowly triple vaccinated will have to provide proof of negative test results. On a positive note, the quintuple vaccinated will be fed for half price!

*Jim Green, NASA’s retiring top scientist, believes we may be able to make other planets more earthlike and hospitable to life. In an interview published in The New York Times, Green suggested that it might be possible toterraformMars by placing a giant magnetic shield between the planet and the sun, thereby stopping the sun from stripping its atmosphere. That, in turn, would allow the planet to trap more heat and warm its climate. It’s a tad ironic that many “experts” think the Earth is nearly beyond salvation due to global warming/climate change— but that we might be able to make Mars inhabitable through global warming.

* Pittsburgh’s Point Park University requires students to take training that says, among other things, that white people who wear cornrows are guilty of cultural appropriation and are an example of the exploitation of black people in the United States. If that’s the case, peoples of color dressed in Levi jeans are guilty of appropriation, too. And everyone who is not American is guilty of appropriation if they use light bulbs, the internet, or fly in airplanes.

*Fordham University recently updated its policies for eating and drinking in campus venues. Eating or drinking has been prohibited at athletic events until further notice. Nor are food and drink allowed in classrooms-- or instructional spaces such as libraries or laboratories. Moreover, throughout the month of January, eating and drinking will also not be permitted at any events or meetings. In fact, the university canceled all indoor events scheduled for January where food or beverages were to be served. All supposedly to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, the most common manifestations of which are a cough and a runny nose. The student body is more than 99% vaccinated. It’s infection rate prior to the policy updates was 0.03 percent. Fordham’s students are more likely to die of thirst than of the coronavirus. And they may well be hungry…for sanity.





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