Friday, May 1, 2020

Westworld, Women's World

                It seems one can’t watch a major motion picture or a popular television show these days without witnessing a woman beating the crap out of a man or twelve. Or otherwise making him look like a weakling, fool, and/or blithering idiot. I knew that this anti-men assault was coming in the post #MeToo Era, as I had read some about the shows being produced. It also made sense as a piece with the current climate, which has changed dramatically in recent years, not from cooler to hotter, but from “men are kinda cool at times” to “men are effing scum.” 
                Take, for instance, the last couple episodes of HBO’s popular “Westworld” series. Please. Dolores Abernathy and Charlotte Hale semi-casually fling men’s bodies around like substantially less hirsute female versions of King Kong. If he had PMS. They easily dispense with several to many men at once. They are crack shots with any firearm, of course, but prefer to do their wet work up close and personal.
                For my money, this trend is just another sad example of the breakdown of the family-- and society as a whole. I’m sure progressives think, “What could be wrong with pitting the sexes against each other? I mean, we’ve already decided that identity politics is the wave of the future.” But this clash is particularly troubling as it cuts across all races and ethnicities, and since men and women depend on each other for procreation, love and various other symbiotic advantages. At least they used to.
   Sadly, today, even the propagation of our own species is not universally considered a good thing. Many progressives believe we are what’s wrong with the world. Is it really just a coincidence that we in the West have lost our confidence-- our ‘Mojo’ if you will-- our sense of purpose, our religion, and even our will to exist since men have become ever more feminized and women ever more masculine?
   As I have previously written, we have gone from “Father Knows Best” to “Heather Has Two Mommies” in a few short decades. Now it is the woman who has to show the man how to start the lawnmower, change a tire…… and use a spoon.
  Perhaps we have just exchanged one stereotype for another. In any case, it is anything but a step forward. Perhaps we need to take a step back.

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