Friday, May 29, 2020

Trickle-Down Inhumanity

                Many millions of people die every year from a plethora of diseases. Millions die from the flu. Why have our leaders reacted completely differently to the coronavirus than to all other viruses that have come before?
                Power hungry elites and political leaders have succeeded in brainwashing the bulk of the populace into relinquishing their freedoms, ergo their power. When you give power away, you don’t get it back. That is the “new normal” to which they are so fond of referring. We have not yet achieved “herd immunity,” which would be impossible under shelter-at-home orders, but we have certainly succumbed to a herd mentality.
    Make no mistake, this is just a dress rehearsal. It is a fact that our leaders are pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to get us to stay inside and abide by their orders. There will be more brainwashing, lock-downs and orders to come…until we are not comfortable being free.
Open borders? We don’t have open faces or dialogues. Walls? We are putting them up at every retail outlet, every check-out stand. Yet each additional order, every new mandate, every outrage and assault on our freedoms finds us responding, “thank you sir, may I have another?”
                We have been schooled to be leery of each other, to disdain those who don’t wear hazmat suits in public. Despite the ubiquitous banal commercials assuring us that “by staying apart we will all come together” one day, this trickle-down inhumanity, like identity politics, is tearing us apart. This constant social distancing is making us less connected…and ever easier to control. Which is entirely the point.
                No more pleasant smiles, at least visible ones, no confident grin, reassuring hug or warm embrace. This distancing finds its way into the home, too. Many are too frightened to share a passionate kiss. Romance is just a quaint notion, part of a…distant…past. The things that make life worth living—and possible—are being stolen from us via a colossal hoax. We need to come together and rise up against this grand theft of our freedoms, this larceny of our souls. If we fail to do so, all we will have to look forward to is a future of artificial intelligence, robots, sexbots and sterile wipes.

    We are writing ourselves out of our own story. Very soon a happy ending will be impossible. Beyond our reach.

     Just like each of us from all others.  

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