Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The NFL Considers New System For Encouraging Minority Hires

                The NFL is considering implementing a radical new program for coercing clubs to hire minority head coaches and general managers, according to a recent report by NFL.com’s Jim Trotter.
                The plan, if approved, would incentivize teams to hire minority head coaches and general managers by rewarding them with improved draft positions for so doing. Trotter laid out some of the particulars, including:

*If a team hires a minority head coach, its third-round pick in the following year’s NFL Draft would be moved up six spots.

*If a team hires a minority “primary football executive,” meaning a general manager, that same third-round pick would be moved up 10 spots.

*If a team hired a minority head coach and general manager to fill its latest openings, the third-round pick would be moved up 16 spots, possibly becoming a second-round pick.

*If a team’s minority coach or general manager is still on the job entering his (or her) third season, that team’s fourth-round pick in that year would be moved up five spots.

                This new system would augment or replace the league’s current “Rooney Rule,” which mandates that teams interview at least one minority candidate for each and every coach and general manager opening. Many observers believe the Rooney Rule as currently constituted is inadequate, since only four NFL teams currently have minority head coaches
                That’s as may be, but the new proposal is unworkable on its face. I am certainly not against more minorities filling head coaching and GM positions, but this plan does not…go far enough. Moreover, I’d like to see specific, real world examples of how this would play out. Allow me to present some scenarios under my proposal, a modified version of the NFL’s.  
    Let’s take it for granted that we can’t trust teams in a highly competitive league where success brings staggering sums of money to hire people they believe are best suited to getting the job done. That would be illogical. I think we can all agree it would be easier and fairer to just make certain that coaches and GMS are represented in the same proportion they are found in the general population, though, frankly, I don’t know if that should be the global, national, regional, or local population.
   Anyway, let’s say Team X interviews a straight white Christian male (boo!), a Two-Spirited Native American lesbian, a gay mulatto transvestite and a male Muslim from North Africa. Let’s say the team hires the gay mulatto transvestite. It would have its third-round pick moved up 6 spots in the next year’s draft but would have its pick moved down 1 spot each for not hiring the Two-Spirited Native American lesbian or the male Muslim from North Africa. The net affect of the team’s hiring decisions would be that its third-round pick would be moved up four spots. Now, if the team hired everyone but the straight white Christian male, its pick would be moved up 18 spots, potentially placing it into the top half of the second-round. Conversely, if the team hired the straight white Christian male, it would forfeit its third-round pick altogether and be subject to a fine of 50% of its highest annual pre-COVID-19 pandemic revenue…and the disdain and mockery of everyone in the mainstream media.
  Similar rewards and punishments could be established for every race, ethnicity, religion and sexual identity/proclivity/perversion currently known. It is the new American Way.

 Are you ready for some football?!

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