Sunday, May 17, 2020

Felon Released To Avoid Coronavirus Arrested For Murder

                Cornelius Haney, a felon who has a criminal history stretching back more than a decade and who was serving a seven-year sentence for robbery, was released on April 15th in accordance with a state executive order designed to protect the prison population from the COVID-19 pandemic. The order allowed some inmates to be freed early and enter what it termed “special needs parole,” a status which does not subject the now former inmates to any enhanced supervision.

                Haney has now been arrested for allegedly murdering 21-year-old Heather Perry.

                But at least Haney is coronavirus-free.

                Progressive officials around the country have commuted inmates’ sentences in order to prevent prison populations from being victimized by the pandemic. Protecting innocent lives has not been a Democratic priority for years now, as evidenced by their virtually unanimous support for abortion, late term or otherwise. Power hungry leftists—excuse me, that is redundant, as there are no other kind—are pro-abortion and pro-open borders. They are pro illegal alien and favor granting more rights to criminals in general and illegal aliens in specific, including, in many cases, the right to vote. This is undeniably a matter of cold calculus. They wish to replace or overwhelm troublesome red state voters and deplorable Trump supporters with a new demographic comprised of people they know will vote for them (out of gratitude if nothing else).
                Bummer about Ms. Perry, who may or may not have been a Democrat, but progressives have to prioritize. They have “special needs,” too. They need all of us to be terrified of the coronavirus, but unconcerned about crime, economic collapse and tyranny.

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