Tuesday, May 5, 2020

China Also Ate Rats

                It was not just bats being consumed in China. Apparently, rats were considered a dietary staple prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports say that tens of thousands of Chinese farmers and chefs sold and cooked them before the trade was halted with the outbreak of the coronavirus. “Umm, rats…not just for breakfast anymore!” Chinese bamboo rats were widely lauded for their nutritional value and some chefs touted “100 reasons to eat them.” There were an estimated 25 million bamboo rats on Chinese farms when the prohibition went into effect.
               The nation’s long and storied history of consuming vast quantities of rodents, winged or otherwise, may be coming to an end. The sale of the rodents was banned after a leading epidemiologist claimed that the epidemic could be linked to the eating of bamboo rats… or badgers. Seriously. Badgers?! Who the hell eats a badger?
   Memo to those in the Middle Kingdom: stop eating effing rodents! And badgers! And dogs, for that matter! Stock up on Ramen noodles. Maybe mix in a salad or two. Bust out an avocado. Or head to McDonalds or the Olive Garden for the love of Pete!

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