Saturday, May 23, 2020

Church Services Particularly Dangerous, Leftists Say

                Leftists never let a good crisis go to waste. They utilize any and every opportunity to take further control of the media and schools, and to denigrate and marginalize traditional religion. This is per a long-standing playbook on how to take over free societies like the United States. Every Marxist worth his salt, from Karl to Saul Alinsky, knew/knows exactly the steps needed to convert a free society into a totalitarian one.
                This is why, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, progressives have been particularly vehement in warning against church services. Even Business Insider chimed in recently, issuing a report stating that people should avoid attending church services for several years in order to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The BI report talked of “super-spreader events,” occurrences in which one person supposedly infects an unusually large number of others. The report gave as examples a church service in South Korea and a February bat mitzvah and synagogue worship in New York, after each of which several dozen people tested positive for the virus. The report noted that indoor events with many people are inherently more likely to spread diseases than outdoor events and those with fewer in attendance and stressed that this is “what makes religious services dangerous.” (Emphasis mine.) It went on to opine that church services are precisely “the types of gatherings we should avoid for years.” If not forever. Even outdoor and drive-through services have to be prevented.
                How convenient. Just when we need them most, our statist elite leaders tell us that religious services are too “dangerous” to be allowed to occur. Because, you know, they are looking out for us. What a load of crap. Leftists—and now effectively the entire Democratic Party—consider church services “dangerous” because they are a threat to their primacy. They don’t need no other Gods. In fact, they won’t tolerate them. And they genuinely dislike folks who “cling to their God and their guns,” not coincidentally the only two things that can keep them from being enslaved by their statist elite leaders.

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