Saturday, May 2, 2020

Headlines And Breadlines

Headlines and Breadlines:

*Incredibly, in the midst of a pandemic-- a worldwide health crisis-- many hospitals across America are having to reduce doctors’ pay, cut back on hours worked and even furlough their employees. All because governments mandated that they shut down all but coronavirus-related activities. For most hospitals in most states that isn’t near enough to keep everyone employed. The mandate for no elective surgeries, no physical therapy or routine visits, etc., is idling even the biggest and best medical centers such as the Mayo Clinic. But, hey, government knows best, right?

*Question #1: Why do those in the mainstream media believe it is okay to die of anything but the coronavirus? Over 19.3 million people have perished this year (as I write this on April 29th, 2020), 227,368 of them from the coronavirus. Compare that to the 5.6 million folks who died due to cardiovascular disease and the 2.5 million who have lost their lives to cancer. Or, perhaps, to the nearly 14 million who have been aborted.

*COVID-19 is, ironically, making us more like the Chinese. Or, more accurately, revealing our experts and elites in positions of power to be more like those in the Chinese Communist government than most would have expected. Seeing this crisis play out has been like watching a slow-moving Chinese version of The Body Snatchers.

*YouTube pulled a video by two California doctors who argued that it was time to end the coronavirus lockdown. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN that “anything that would go against the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations would be a violation of our policy.” Think about that. The WHO is essentially a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist government at this point. Scary.

*Question #2: In past pandemics, we have always quarantined the sick. This time, we have quarantined the healthy. Why?

*The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has nearly destroyed the world’s best-ever economy in six short weeks. The United States went from having millions more job openings than people to fill them… to people waiting in food lines. Bernie Sanders must be pleased. After all, he once said breadlines were “a good thing.”  

*Question #3: So, what really happened and why? Consider who has the most to gain by the shutdown. Think long and hard.

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