Sunday, May 3, 2020

Biden, Dodd, And The Waitress Sandwich

                Former Vice-President Joe Biden has chosen former Sen. Chris Dodd to head up the advisory committee to help him select his vice-presidential running mate for the upcoming election. This is a particularly interesting choice given the fact that Biden himself has been accused of sexually harassing his then-Senate staff member Tara Reade in 1993. Why? Because Dodd allegedly tag-teamed with his close friend, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, in assaulting a female restaurant employee in 1985. Reports say Kennedy and Dodd were drinking in a private room of the La Brasserie restaurant when the attractive young waitress entered the room. Kennedy allegedly grabbed the petite woman and threw her on the table before picking her up again and tossing her on Dodd, who was sprawled out on a chair. Kennedy then jumped on top and started rubbing against the young lady, making a “waitress sandwich” out of her. She screamed, bringing several restaurant employees into the room, at which point Kennedy got up and he and Dodd proceeded to leave the premises.
                This is the Era of #MeToo. Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein have been convicted and destroyed. Biden himself has been accused of sexual harassment. The accusation appears to have recently been corroborated. Then Bill and Hillary Clinton endorse him. Biden has repeatedly stated he will pick a woman as his running mate. And now this. The waitress sandwich “incident” is not exactly unknown. Reports of it are all over the internet, and on popular and reputable sites. How in the hell would someone in Biden’s position opt to make Dodd an adviser on anything?
                What I—and other inquiring minds—want to know is: who advised Biden on who to pick to advise him on who to pick for his Vice-Presidential running mate?


   Strike that. Nothing is incredible anymore.

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